Man accused of kidnapping daughters due in court Monday

A man accused of kidnapping his two daughters in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, earlier this month is due court Monday. 

Jeffrey Lo, 24, was arrested after the incident triggered an AMBER Alert. He is charged with four felonies, including kidnapping and assault, for allegedly attacking his ex-girlfriend and taking off with their two children. 

According to the charges, Lo admitted to hiding in the back of his ex-girlfriend’s van to wait for them. Once she had loaded the girls into the van and started driving away, he hit climbed out of the back, hit her in the face, kicked her out of the vehicle and drove off with his two daughters. 

About three hours after the AMBER Alert was issued, Lo and his two children were found in a wooded area of Cottage Grove. 

A Hennepin County judge had already issued an order for protection that gave Lo’s ex-girlfriend sole custody of their children. The order also barred him from having any contact with his ex-girlfriend or her home unless it was for supervised parenting time.

The victim told police she was struck in face with a gun. Lo denied ever having one on him and no weapon was found, but investigators did recover a loaded 21-round magazine in the van.