M Health Fairview designates 2 more hospitals in St. Paul, Edina as COVID-19 care facilities

M Health Fairview is designating two more of its hospitals in St. Paul and Edina as specialty care facilities for COVID-19 patients. 

Last month, M Health Fairview transformed Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul in a facility specifically for treating COVID-19 patients. As Bethesda Hospital reaches capacity, M Health Fairview says it will begin to use designated cohort units at St. Joseph’s Hospital in St. Paul and Southdale Hospital in Edina. 

Cohort units group patients with the same disease, such as COVID-19, together in one designated care area to prevent contact with susceptible patients. 

“Operations at Bethesda Hospital have proven that cohorting is an effective model for managing the care of COVID-19 patients,” M Health Fairview said in a statement. “The practice helps maintain a safe and high-quality care environment for patients and staff, centralizes resources including PPE for staff and medical equipment for patients, and scales efficient care procedures, in accordance with CDC guidelines.” 

The two hospitals were chosen as designated COVID-19 care facilities due to their proximity to Bethesda Hospital and established acute care capacity, including ICU beds and negative air pressure rooms. 

M Health Fairview said St. Joseph’s Hospital and Southdale Hospital will continue to operate their emergency departments, mental health inpatient services and will continue to perform life-saving procedures. Patients in need of emergency medical services should continue to utilize these emergency rooms.