Lunds & Byerlys closing all pharmacies next week

Lunds & Byerlys grocery stores will soon be closing its pharmacies citing "significant losses," according to a statement from a company spokesman.

The grocery chain will be closing its 14 in-store pharmacies on July 16. The prescription files will be transferred to Walgreens locations, starting July 17.

"Unfortunately, it has become increasingly difficult for retail pharmacies given a number of economic challenges within the industry," read the statement. "As a result, we have continued to incur significant losses in our pharmacy operations, and it is no longer feasible to continue offering this service."

Spokesman Aaron Sorenson says 27 pharmacy managers and staff pharmacists will be impacted by the closures. 

"One of the key reasons we partnered with Walgreens is because of their willingness to interview all of our pharmacy staff for open positions they have," said Sorenson.

The pharmacy technicians were offered other positions within Lunds & Byerlys.

Officials are creating plans to remodel pharmacies in the stores to provide "even more product offerings."