Lowry Nature Center launching 'Nature Center Without Walls' program for summer

The Lowry Nature Center has an exciting new program for the summer. (FOX 9)

After a year of being stuck inside, restrictions are finally loosening up and some families are probably looking for ways to spend the holiday weekend outside.

For those who love learning about nature and animals, there’s a new program starting up at the Three Rivers Park District called "Nature Center Without Walls" and the whole idea is about being outside.

The Lowry Nature Center in Victoria is all about getting outdoors and, all this summer, naturalists such as Lauren Kitrell are making sure you don’t have to spend another moment indoors.

"Nature Center Without Walls program is something when we were sure if we were going to be able to open our nature centers to the public," said Kitrell. "We wanted to be able to interact with our guests while maybe they couldn’t be in our building with us. So, the idea is we bring out fun things [to them]."

"Things that kids can touch," added Kitrell. "Things that adults can touch, things that we can ask questions and learn and spark that inquiry. We’ve got red fox today. We also have a grey wolf. We have our moose antlers."

The interactive program runs all summer. "Currently we’re doing the Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. And starting in June through August on Sunday afternoons starting at 1 to 3 p.m."

There’s a lot more explore at Lowry. The kids can even see the nature center’s collection of live raptors.

"And of course we have our archery range and our mountain bike trail and our hiking trails around here," added Kitrell.

All a short drive away in Carver County for folks who’ve had enough of staying home. "We have all been inside for this past year and everyone we interact with is so happy to be here," said Kitrell. "They can’t express how much they appreciate our building is open, and we’re just big smiles on our face when we’re out here at the nature center."

The Three Rivers Park District has four nature centers. They always have activities for your families. You can check them out and head over to threeriversparks.org for more info.