'Love' is in the air: Black-owned bridal shop opens doors in St. Paul

A bridal shop is the latest business to open its doors in downtown St. Paul. A newcomer to Minnesota's bridal market, the arrival of this new shop comes during a pivotal time in the wedding industry.

With the last name Love, Lorraine Love seemed destined for a career in the wedding industry.

"I want to make sure that I have what the brides are looking for," says Love.

After nearly two decades working for non-profits, Love is now the owner of La Noire Bridal. It's a new shop located in downtown St. Paul. Noire means black in French.

"I played around with a bunch of different names, and I thought what does Black mean in other languages and that’s when I came across La Noire. And I thought that’s beautiful," says Love.

In Minnesota's wedding market, Love is one of only a few vendors of color.

"And also realizing that, when I was doing my research that we didn’t have any Black-owned bridal shops here in Minnesota so that was another driver to me being in this field right now," says Love.

Lorraine Love

Lorraine Love is now the owner of La Noire Bridal in downtown St. Paul. (FOX 9)

The arrival of her shop comes amid efforts to make the industry more inclusive. Love says, "I’m here to cater to all women, all cultures."

Born and raised in the Rondo community, for Love opening up shop in St. Paul is the perfect match built on new partnerships.

"If you are someone who has a business idea, or wants to do something, do it. Don’t let fear get in the way of that, don’t let your financial situation get in the way of that. The thing is, Minnesota has a lot of resources that can support you in many different areas," says Love.

Love has received support from several sources including the African Development Center and the City of St. Paul. La Noire Bridal is located downtown, on the second floor of the former Pioneer Press headquarters.