Linwood firefighters assaulted during fire response released from hospital

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Two firefighters who were assaulted during their response to an RV fire Wednesday night in Linwood Township have been released from the hospital and are resting at home, the Anoka County Sheriff's Office confirmed.

The firefighters responded to a report of an RV fire at 5900 block of 213th Ave NE at 6:13 p.m. After they put the fire out, a man attacked the firefighters, hitting them with blunt objects. Authorities believe 39-year-old Jon Vernon Tuma may have used bookends or knickknacks to injure the firefighters.

Tuma hit the responders in the head and face. One firefighter was more seriously injured than the other. They received treatment at Fairview Hospital in Wyoming.

"From there, [Tuma's] behavior just kind of deteriorated," said Anoka County Sheriff's Office Commander Paul Sommer.

Tuma went back into the home and then set the house on fire. While the fire spread, he armed himself with a knife and got onto the roof, continuing to act erratically.

Deputies used some bean bag rounds to attempt to gain control of Tuma. He dropped his knife, but stayed on the roof while the fire still raged. Tuma later jumped off the roof and authorities captured him.

Crews took Tuma to a hospital for evaluation and he was booked into the Anoka County Jail on suspicion of assault and arson. Charges are pending.

Authorities believe the home is owned by a relative of Tuma's, but that he had been living there.