Lake Harriet shooting: Suspect charged for shooting at park police

A Minneapolis man has been charged for firing at a Minneapolis Park Police officer near Lake Harriet. 

Hennepin County prosecutors charged 24-year-old Muhyedin Abdiziz Abdirahman with attempted second-degree murder and first-degree assault using deadly force against a peace office in connection to the Oct. 24 shooting.

According to court records, a Minneapolis Park Police officer approached a car that was partially blocking the boat launch near the Lake Harriet Bandshell. At the time, Abdirahman was standing a short distance from the car, so it appeared to be unoccupied. 

The officer, seeing Abdirahman, asked if was his car, to which Abdirahman responded it was, "none of your business," charges read. 

The officer then informed Abdirahman that his car would be towed, and Abdirahman said he was going to drive away, but the officer said he was not free to do so. Abdirahman allegedly tried to get into his car and the officer attempted to grab his arm. 

Court documents allege Abdirahman grabbed a gun from his waistband and backed away from the car, eventually firing several shots at the officer who returned fire. Neither Abdirahman nor the officer were injured in the exchange of gunfire. 

A few minutes later, law enforcement said they found Abdirahman sitting on a bench near 47th Street and Lake Harriet Parkway. When officers asked Abdirahman if he had seen anything he allegedly responded, "I was involved," charges read. 

Investigators said a gun was found under a pile of leaves near the bench where Abdirahman had been sitting. According to the charges, the gun is registered to Abdirahman. 

Abdirahman remains in custody at the Hennepin County Jail. He is scheduled to make his first court appearance Friday afternoon.