Jayme Closs case stirs emotions for kidnapping survivor Jasmine Block

Jayme Closs’ heroic story is hitting home for a Minnesota family.

In 2017, Sarah Block learned that her daughter Jasmine escaped after being kidnapped and held hostage in a home for 29 days.

“With Jayme everything was so similar, except her parents were murdered,” said Sarah Block.

Jayme had been held captive for 88 days until she escaped the man suspected of kidnapping her and killing her parents. Now, Jayme is back home with her family. It's the type of homecoming the Block family remembers well.

“I didn’t realize how emotional I would be through this,” said Sarah Block. “And I cried for her family because it’s a miracle that Jayme was found.”

According to the criminal complaint, three men repeatedly physically and sexually abused Jasmine Block. They often kept her locked inside a closet. The men responsible even tried to kill her on multiple occasions. One day when they were gone, Jasmine made a run for it by swimming across a lake and finding refuge with a local farmer.

Now with a story so similar to Jasmine’s all over the news, it has brought back a lot of painful memories.

“It triggers a lot of stuff right now,” said Sarah Block.

Jasmine Block says Jayme will likely have to deal with flashbacks, night terrors and trust issues.

“You can expect to be nervous and have anxiety,” said Jasmine Block. 

Sarah Block says she expects Jayme, like Jasmine, will be in therapy for years to come. 

“There’s certain environments that you might not feel comfortable in or people,” said Sarah Block. “It’s a big learning process and it’s nothing that’s going to happen overnight.”

Jasmine Block suggests Jayme should surround herself with close friends who were there for her before the trauma. Another way to help manage anxiety could be by getting a therapy dog, like Jasmine did.

“It’s hard, but I have people to talk to and if you don’t want to talk to family, I find a close friend to talk to,” she said.