'I was screaming': Woman attacked by dog at Webber Park in Minneapolis

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Dog parks and walking trails are filling up this time of year, but a Minneapolis woman is warning others after she says a dog attacked her while its owner was nearby.

An afternoon walk at Webber Park turned into a nightmare for Dawn Hunt.

“I came up around the corner and the dog did not growl, did not bark, it had no precursor to anything and it charged my legs and started to attack me,” said Hunt.

She tried everything she could to get away.

“I was screaming and trying to get it stop and I was trying to kick it and doing whatever could possibly think of,” she said.

Hunt says the worst part is the owner was nearby, but was not holding onto the dog’s leash and didn’t call her pet away from Hunt.  

“I said, ‘Help me, help me, your dog just bit me’ – she said, ‘My dog doesn’t bite people’ and I said, ‘Really?’” said Hunt.

Then, the woman disappeared with her dog.

“I said, ‘You need to stop, I need to know who you are, who are you?’” said Hunt. “And she just kept walking away and she didn’t stop to help me.”

Hunt got help from some nearby workers in the park and called 911. A day later, she’s in a lot of pain, but is sharing her story for a reason.

“Hopefully owners can realize that you probably should hold your leash on your dog no matter where you are,” she said.

A City of Minneapolis spokesman told FOX 9, the city’s animal care and control unit is investigating the incident.