HOA buys personal alarms for kids following attempted abduction

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A community is coming together to protect their children, by providing personal alarms and self -defense courses.

Mike Metzger owns Championship Martial Arts, and he is now turning fear into action for little girls in the East Orange County neighborhood of Avalon Park.

"We're going to teach them number one, common-sense before self-defense," Metzger told FOX 35.

He's not alone. The community is not waiting for law enforcement to increase their sense of security.  Instead, they are footing the bill for each kid to have a personal alarm.

"We've raised over $2,000 in the past couple of days," said parent Stephanie Lerret.  "It's a dual-button switch where the student has to hit both buttons to activate if they're in an uncomfortable situation."

Lerret ordered the alarms that will be distributed to children in the community.

Metzger said he will hold the free classes until every girl who wants to learn self-defense is taught.