Hennepin Co. Commissioner opposes reappointment of medical examiner after George Floyd autopsy

Angela Conley (Hennepin County)

A Hennepin County Board of Commissioners committee voted to reappoint the Hennepin County Medical Examiner Tuesday, but one commissioner explained why she voted against his reappointment in the wake of the death of the George Floyd.

Dr. Andrew Baker reappointment was recommended by a 5-2 vote, with Commissioner Angela Conley being one of the votes against him.

Conley pointed to the most recent autopsy performed on George Floyd as an example of why she voted against his reappointment.

“Dr. Baker’s report was the catalyst for insufficient charges brought by the County Attorney’s Office, charges later upgraded by Attorney General Keith Ellison,” said Conley in a letter explaining her vote.

Conley said Baker’s autopsy report indicated “pre-existing conditions” and “potential” intoxicants contributed to Floyd’s death even though camera footage of the incident, Conley says, showed a “brutal murder."

“Dr. Baker’s report has done irreparable damage to the Black community who has every valid reason not to trust these processes that have consistently stolen justice from us,” Conley said.