HealthPartners employees petition for more protective equipment, better leave and hazard pay

HealthPartners employees are calling on the healthcare company to give them more protective equipment, expand their paid leave and provide them hazard pay during the COVID-19 crisis

900 healthcare workers signed the petition that was delivered to HealthPartners CEO Andrea Walsh Monday after the employee’s union and HealthPartners management met to discuss these concerns.

The signatures are from union workers including, but not limited to, clinic assistants, appointment schedulers and receptionists.

“Some departments still are unable to work from home,” said Kelsie Anderson, a HealthPartners employee and the Vice President of the OPEIU Local 12 union. “Some workplaces are at risk of running out of supplies. And some coworkers are being told not to use gloves or masks. This is not the time to worry about the corporate bottom line, but instead our workers’ and patients’ wellbeing as we face this crisis.”

HealthPartners did not immediately respond to FOX 9’s request for comment.