Watch: Massive hammerhead shark chases stingrays as swimmers flee Alabama beach

A hammerhead shark swimming off the coast of an Alabama beach was caught on camera chasing stingrays on Monday morning.

In a video shared on Facebook by Catarena Peek, a plainly visible hammerhead shark is seen thrashing around in the water, chasing stingrays during a high speed chase in the Gulf's shallow water

A group of beachgoers is seen watching at the water's edge, a few stragglers scramble out of the shark-infested water as the action moves closer to the shoreline.

"This is the first time we have ever seen anything like this for sure," Deshotel told FOX 10."I look out the window…and there it is. Massive 10-to-12 foot hammerhead…We don’t know how big it was, but it was massive."

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A hammerhead shark chases stingrays near an Alabama shoreline (Facebook/Catarena Peek)


Peek told Fox News Digital that she and her boyfriend, Alec Deshotel, come to Orange Beach every year. 

The couple was staying with Deshotel's family in a 10th floor balcony at the Regency Isle condos. 


Beachgoers watch as a hammerhead shark chases stingrays near an Alabama shoreline (Facebook/Catarena Peek)

Peek said she started recording the video at about 10 a.m. with her iPhone.

"We saw about 15 sharks in total that morning, the hammerhead was the largest we had seen. They were chasing stingrays, but they were not messing with any of the people in the water."

The video posted to Facebook had over 75K shares as of Wednesday afternoon.

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