Granite Falls shooting: Man charged with attempted murder for shooting officer

A man is charged with attempted murder after shooting a Granite Falls police officer as investigators tried to execute a warrant.

William Schindler, age 26, is charged with two counts of attempted murder of a peace officer, four counts of assault for use of deadly force against a police officer, and a count of possession of a firearm. Police say he wasn't allowed to have a gun due to a prior conviction.

It started Monday afternoon around 4 p.m. as a task force including Granite Falls police officers attempted to execute a warrant at a home on Bergeson Drive. The charges state police were looking for Schindler who had felony warrants out.

Officers say, when they want to knock on the door, it was apparently simultaneously opened by the homeowner – not Schindler. Shortly after, as officers moved into the entryway of the home, they say they started taking fire.

Agent Jason Hay with the task force was shot, officers say. No other officers were hurt.

After the shots were fired, officers returned fire and retreated to safe positions. The shooting sparked a standoff that lasted about an hour. Inside the house, officers say they found a 40-caliber pistol and 40-caliber casings.

Along with the shooting charges, police say Schindler also faces charges for felony drug possession.