Gov. Walz relaxes rules for fuel truck drivers as Minnesota faces low supply during cold

Gov. Walz says the extreme cold has put a strain on heating fuels like propane. (FOX 9)

As Minnesota enters its second week of extremely cold weather, Governor Walz is dropping some requirements for truckers hauling propane and other fuels.

Under an emergency order issued Friday, the governor is temporarily removing the hours of service requirement for commercial truck drivers hauling fuels. The requirement restricts the number of hours a driver can be on the road during a shift.

The governor says the change will allow carriers to travel longer distances to get the fuels and bring them to areas where they are needed.

Walz says the extreme cold across the Midwest has caused "an increased demand of propane while also complicating the delivery of fuel." Adding to the trouble, the pandemic has created a shortage of drivers.

The order will remain in effect starting Friday for the next 15 days.