Walz extending $100 COVID-19 vaccine incentive program until Aug. 22

Governor Walz is extending the deadline for people to get a $100 payout to get their COVID-19 vaccine by one week, as the incentive program has shown some success.

According to Governor Walz's office, over the past two weeks that the incentive has been available, 55,456 Minnesotans have submitted reward requests for getting their shots.

That's compared to 17,409 people in June who claimed prizes during a previous incentive program. Last week, FOX 9 reported that some of Minnesota's least-vaccinated counties were among the top areas per capita claiming the $100 incentive.

Under the new extension, Minnesotans now have until August 22 to get their first shot and claim a $100 Visa gift card in turn for getting vaccinated.

Minnesotans ages 12 and older are eligible to get their shots. For more information on how to claim the $100 reward, you can click here.

To find a spot to get your shots, you can click here.