George Floyd trial: Questionnaire mailed to prospective jurors

Potential jurors for the George Floyd murder trial have been mailed a questionnaire asking about their knowledge of the case, police connections and attitudes toward the justice system, according to new court filings.

The 16-page form called, "Blank form of Juror Questionnaire form mailed to prospective jurors summonsed" asks about the prospective jurors’ availabilities, about possible sequestration and about some opinions they may have about the case.

Along with knowledge of the case, police connections and attitudes towards the justice system, the questionnaire asks about the jurors’ media habits, if they or someone close to them participated in the protests following Floyd’s death or if they knew anyone who experienced damage from the protests.

The questionnaire predicts the jury selection will run between Mar. 8 and Mar. 26, 2021, with the trial beginning Mar. 29 and lasting about three to four weeks.

The possible jurors are also asked if there was any reason they could not be sequestered in hotels overnight during the trial.