Friends, strangers, deputies search for missing Pine County man

The search is on in Pine County, Minnesota for a young man whose family says disappearing for more than even a few hours is unusual for him. Scott Kleppen recently lost his job and left a note for his family about finding happiness before disappearing more than a week ago.

"We're going to find him because there's no other option," Scott's mother, Kim Opsahl said. "There's no other option for our family. We're going to find him."

Opsahl believes her son is alive and most likely in the park where they used to spend a lot of time together when he was younger. Scott's truck was found in the park parking lot more than a week ago, but there are no signs of the 22-year-old with dark blonde hair and blue eyes.

Friends, strangers, deputies and search dogs all showed up to search for Scott Kleppen. The Kleppen's are also getting help from a family that's experienced having a missing family member.

Christopher Rossing went missing last year and was allegedly murdered. His family created "Christopher's Legacy" -- an organization to help organize searches for missing family members.

To learn more about "Christopher's Legacy" visit the Facebook page:

If you have any information about Scott Kleppen's whereabouts, call the Pine County Sheriff's department.

Searchers will be back on the ground Sunday and could use all the help they can get. If you are interested in helping in the search, head to this Facebook page for the information: