FOX 9’s Courtney Godfrey welcomes baby Callan

Baby Callan. Credit: Rachel Resch Photography. (Rachel Resch Photography)

The FOX 9 family just got a little bigger...and cuter. Courtney Godfrey and her husband Ryan welcomed first baby Callan to the world at 10:58 p.m. on Monday, September 30. That’s right, he just barely made deadline and came on his due date!

Cal was born with a full head of hair and weighed in at eight pounds on the dot.

“While I labored all day at home before heading to the hospital (even going for an eyebrow wax amid contractions—gotta look good to meet my son!) once he was ready to come, it happened really quick. I was really hoping for 1:30 or less but hey, some stories deserve a little more time,” Courtney said. “Every mom reading this knows—I can already say this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and at the same time the absolute greatest. I can’t help but think of where Ryan and I were two years ago at this time, as we faced the biggest challenge of our lives, and now today, holding our baby boy (a new, but more rewarding challenge). We are so grateful, as life and everything that’s led us here is now so abundantly clear. We are so in love!”

Photo by Rachel Resch Photography.