First trial underway for siblings charged in deadly drag racing crash in Burnsville

The first of two trials in a deadly crash in Burnsville that authorities say was apparently caused by a brother and sister drag racing was underway on Wednesday.

Camille Dennis-Bond is facing trial first ahead of her younger brother. Her car wasn't directly involved in the deadly T-bone crash. However, she's charged with third-degree murder as prosecutors attempt to hold her just as accountable as her brother.

"Me without my daughter, it's been terrible," said Brandon Garza, the father of one of the victims.

Garza was the very first witness of the trial, describing the loss of his precious, oldest child Tayler.

Tayler Garza, just 22 years old, and her longtime boyfriend Dalton Ford were both killed Easter Sunday last year in the horrific crash in Burnsville.

The couple was apparently on their way to get coffee at a Caribou, attempting to turn into the parking lot along County Road 42 when an allegedly speeding motorist plowed into their vehicle, sheering it in two.

"Both families suffered a traumatic loss and it's been tough dealing with it," said Garza. "And we're finally glad that we're able to hopefully see some justice."

Twenty-year-old Camille Dennis-Bond is on trial on a slew of charges including third-degree murder, criminal vehicular homicide and criminal vehicular operation.

Authorities have maintained she was racing her younger brother at speeds topping 100 miles per hour at one point before the deadly crash. Her car was not directly involved in that collision; it was her brother’s -- who has been charged separately in juvenile court.

Dennis-Bond’s defense attorney, Senate DFL leader Bobby Joe Champion, questioned the victims’ decision to attempt a left turn under the circumstances that morning.

When prosecution witness Regina Green was asked how Dennis-Bond reacted at the scene, she testified the young woman was distraught, and said several times "the driver of the red car that [double-expletive] better be dead or I will find her and kill her myself."

Clearly, by that witness account, Dennis-Bond was blaming the victims for turning into the speeding vehicle on County Road 42.

Her brother's trial is scheduled for early next year. The victims' families are outraged his case is being handled in juvenile court. He was just shy of his 18th birthday, and they believe he should be facing adult murder consequences, just like his sister.