Fans drawn to Paisley Park on anniversary of Prince's passing

Fans are pouring in from across the country to remember Prince and share in his legacy.

For many that includes a pilgrimage to Paisley Park.

The pull to Paisley Park drew fans of all ages from all over the country.

The pathway from the parking lot through the tunnel at Riley Creek has turned into a walk of shared grief all its own.

Messages of love written by fans in chalk decorate the tunnel walls.
“To be here is like he's still here even though he's gone in heaven,” said one young fan.

Rhonda Soso, from California, arrived wearing the Prince pants she wore to all his concerts.

“I made them years ago and I just said today was going to be the last day, going to have them framed,” said Soso. “That's the goal, to have them framed and put on my wall.”

On the fence, just like one year ago, the outpouring of love is woven into the chain link.

Those who paid hundreds of dollars for the inside the park experience and say it's very well done.

With such a strong devotion of fans, there’s no doubt these anniversaries will continue, bringing people from across the nation together to remember the loss of the music legend.