Family of quadruple murder victims left in Wisconsin cornfield still seeking answers

Gathering together outside Mount Olivet Baptist Church in St. Paul, the families of Nitosha Presley and Loyace Foreman say they won't rest until they have all of the answers.

"All we have now is a senseless tragedy that happened. We don't know why at all. We don't know everybody who was involved," said the victim's father Loyace Foreman, Jr.

"They say there are two suspects, but in my heart of hearts, I believe there are some more," said the victim's grandmother Nieeta Presley.

One week ago, Presley and Foreman were found shot dead in an abandoned SUV in Dunn County, Wisconsin, along with two of their friend, Matthew Pettus and Jasmine Sturm, who were brother and sister.

"I don't know what type of mind, heart, or spirit could do something like this... especially to four young people, who were not perfect kids, but certainly were good kids," said Foreman, Jr.

Antoine Suggs and his father, Darren McWright, have been charged with four counts of hiding a corpse, but it is still unclear where the murders took place.

Last week, Suggs turned himself in to police in Arizona and McWright was arrested in St. Paul.

All of the four victims were parents, and their kids will have to grow up without their mothers or fathers.

Their families say because of that, there will be no true justice for the victims, but answers will bring closure.

"The real justice would be that our children did come home," said Presley.