Family mourns loss of 17-year-old shooting victim

Just steps away from her home, a 17-year-old girl was shot and killed in St. Paul Friday afternoon. Her grandmother saw the police cars, but had no idea her pride and joy had been taken away.

Keyira Nunn was a passenger in the vehicle when she was hit, traveling near the intersection of 3rd Street East and Van Dyke Street. The driver of the car she was in called 911 immediately, but by then it was already too late.

"It's just devastating," her grandmother, Yvette Armstrong, said. "We've never ever experienced a death like this and we're just shocked."

A memorial now sits on the spot where Nunn died, a few balloons and cards at the base of a tree in east St. Paul.

Armstrong said she was a model student at City Academy and worked at Walmart, even receiving a paycheck the day she died.

An investigation is now underway to find Nunn's killer, and her grandmother is confident the authorities will bring whoever is responsible to justice. 

"The detectives are working very hard," Armstrong said. "They're going to get you. You might as well turn yourself in or they're going to catch you. Whatever it is, you have to answer for what you did."

Nunn was St. Paul's 11th homicide this year.