Third co-conspirator found guilty for role in Monique Baugh's murder

Another suspect was found guilty in the kidnapping, torture and murder of Twin Cities realtor Monique Baugh.

Tuesday, Elsa Segura was found guilty by a jury of aiding and abetting attempted premeditated first-degree murder, aiding and abetting kidnapping, and aiding and abetting first-degree murder while committing kidnapping.

Prosecutors say 29-year-old Elsa Segura lured Monique Baugh to a phony home showing in Maple Grove on New Year’s Eve 2019. There, the realtor was kidnapped, tortured and eventually murdered.

According to prosecutors, Segura was helping her boyfriend, Lyndon Wiggins, who was in a dispute with Baugh's boyfriend over a record label contract. It’s also believed he wanted to get even, as he believed the boyfriend snitched on him for dealing drugs.

Baugh’s boyfriend was also shot, but he survived.

Segura's defense team tried to argue that she didn't know Wiggins intended on killing Baugh, but prosecutors said her use of an alias and burner phone was evidence of her willing participation.

Monique Baugh's mother, Wanda Baugh, said she was pleased with the verdict and thanked the jury for coming to what she considered a "just decision."

"I’m so grateful to the jury for being so attentive. They took notes, they paid attention," said Wanda Baugh. "I’m overwhelmed with joy."

The victim’s mother also noted that Segura used to work as a probation officer, having received a criminal justice degree.

"It goes to show you that no matter how many degrees you have, it doesn’t change a person’s character," she said.

Segura is the third person to be convicted in this case. Cedric Berry and Berry Davis were convicted of the same charges as Segura and sentenced to life in prison. Two others have yet to stand trial.

Baugh left behind two small children, ages two and four.