Drug-resistant "super lice" found in Minnesota

Minnesota is one of 25 states with “super lice,” a new strain of the parasite that does not respond to most common over-the-counter treatment.

Rachel Knutson, a local lice expert, said improper use of common treatments caused them to become ineffective against the bugs.

“The old chemicals used to work, but now [lice], just like germs, have become resistant to antibiotics, because of overuse, misuse, and abuse,” Knutson said.

Knutson is also the co-founder of Ladibugs Hair, which sells pesticide-free lice treatment and prevention.

“Lice cannot become resistant to ours because ours is a natural product line,” she said.

Besides Ladibug products, the University of Minnesota Health says there are super lice prescription treatments, heating treatments and recommends talking to your child's physician.