'Disaster on top of a disaster': Bone Lake, WI going through familiar cleanup

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At least one family is looking for a new place to live after one of five reported tornadoes ravaged a Bone Lake, Wisconsin home, a horse barn and a silo Sunday night.

“It was a pretty big barn,” said Savanna Grant. “Now, it’s just completely gone.”

Grant had reality sink in Monday after she lost her home to Sunday’s tornado.

“We really don’t know what we’re going to do from here,” she said. “We’re just staying at friends’ houses right now.”

The area in and around Luck, Wisconsin now seems to lack its fair share, because in less than two weeks, two tornadoes reportedly touched down there.

“It’s a disaster on top of a disaster,” said Polk County Sheriff Brent Waak. “It’s a setback because we’re just digging out from the storms on Friday the 19th of July.”

Sunday’s tornado hit the east side of Bone Lake the hardest. Now, people across more than 100,000 acres are picking up the pieces in Polk County.

Still, Grant has reason to be grateful, as 15 of her horses and none of her sisters, all of whom she calls family, were injured in the tornado.

“I was just thankful everyone is okay,” she said.

The Sheriff says about 350 homes have been damaged as a result of straight line winds and tornadoes over the last week alone.

As the National Weather Service continues to assess the damage, more tornadoes could be confirmed across the region in the coming days.