Diamond ring found in wastewater treatment plant

A diamond ring was recently found in a regional wastewater treatment plant in the Twin Cities, and the Metropolitan Council is hoping to track down the owner of the wedding ring. 

In a post on Facebook on Saturday, the Met Council said it found a ring at one of the regional treatment plants, noting it was a "rare event, like winning the lottery."

The ring was found in March when a maintenance crew was working on a piece of equipment that separates large and heavy items from the wastewater as it enters the plant. That's when one technician began to shovel out sand and grit that had settled to the bottom of the machinery and another technician spotted a shiny object in the material. It turned out to be the diamond ring. 

"We know that the ring entered the wastewater steam in the immediate vicinity of Rogers, Minnesota, but we do not know how long it’s been there," the Met Council said. 

The agency hopes to return the ring to its owner.

If anyone lost a ring down the drain, you're asked to reach out to the Environmental Services staff with a photo of the lost ring, the city where it was lost and your contact information. Send it all to MCES-Inquiries@metc.state.mn.us or call 651-602-1269.

"A photo of the ring will not be released by the Met Council, but it does have distinctive features that the owner will be able to describe," the Met Council said.