DASHCAM VIDEO: Truck nearly collides with stopped squad car, motorists on I-94

Law enforcement officers are issuing yet another reminder to move over and slow down for stopped emergency vehicles after dash cam video captured a close encounter between a box truck, a police officer and the motorists he was assisting on the side of I-94 Tuesday morning. 

The video taken from the squad car of a Crystal, Minn. police officer showed him assisting several motorists in the right lane of the road when a truck driving on the shoulder nearly skidded into the group, missing them by mere inches.

According to Crystal police, the driver of the truck stopped and contacted one of the officers after the incident. He told police he was driving on the shoulder after hitting an icy patch and swerving to the right to avoid hitting the parked squad car that caught the incident on camera. No citations were issued.

The video was posted one hour after Crystal police sent out a warning about accidents on the roads due to the snowy conditions, warning drivers to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles.

Move over law

In Minnesota, it is state law to move over for stopped emergency vehicles with their flashing lights activated, including ambulance, fire, law enforcement, maintenance and construction vehicles and tow trucks.

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, if the road has two or more lanes, drivers are required to keep one full lane between them and stopped emergency vehicles or reduce their speed if they are unable to safely move over.

Drivers that fail to slow down or move over face fines of more than $100.

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