Dallet defeats Screnock in Wisconsin Supreme Court race

UPDATE (8:58 p.m.): Judge Rebecca Dallet has been elected to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, defeating Judge Michael Screnock. 

It's election day in Wisconsin, and the current mayor of Hudson, Rich O’Connor, is squaring off against the Common Council President John Hoggatt. But statewide, the race for supreme court justice is the biggest talk of the town.

Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Rebecca Dallet is facing off against Sauk County Circuit Judge Michael Screnock.

Officially, this is a non-partisan race, but political forces have weighed heavily on this race.

Judge Dallet of Milwaukee is seen as the more liberal judge. Former Attorney General Eric Holder has campaigned for her in Wisconsin, and Former Vice President Joe Biden sent out a robocall on her behalf last night
Meanwhile, Screnock is the conservative. He was appointed by Governor Scott Walker, who tweeted out his support for Screnock last night and this morning.

We found supporters of both candidates, beginning with Judge Screnock.  

“Dallet scares me, frankly. She was even caught making comments that she wanted us to adopt San Francisco values, and that is not Wisconsin,” Michael Holmstadt said.

Bill Kessler thought otherwise.

“I think she’s got more experience. Both are responsible; I think she is the more responsible of the two and you can’t knock experience, and she’s got that in spades so I think she’s a pretty good candidate,” Kessler said.

Even though this is officially a non-partisan race for state supreme court, a lot of people see this race as perhaps a bellwether for the fall elections.

The last supreme court election in Wisconsin only drew 18 percent voter turnout. But again, the numbers are likely higher in Hudson because of the mayor’s race.