Crews continue in effort to 'beat the bog' in Brainerd, Minnesota

The battle of the bog continues up in Brainerd, Minnesota, where crews are still trying to move a massive bog that floated in front of a beach.    

The floating mass of weeds is blocking the shoreline of a camp on North Long Lake.

Volunteers have been working to move the bog back where it came from, on the east side of the lake. Crews say they managed to move a piece about 60 feet wide.

They are cutting it into pieces and pulling the chunks with boats. But, it's taking a lot of time, so the efforts will continue next weekend.

"As it gets hung up, we keep cutting with the chainsaw and pulling out little pieces wherever we see that it gets hung. Then go back behind and start pushing again. We have decided to break for the holiday weekend and come back at it the following weekend. We will beat the Bog," said Randy Tesdahl.

Kids will arrive at the camp in just a few weeks, and they hope to have the beach clear.