Court rules CSL Plasma cannot ban transgender or non-binary individuals from donating plasma

The Minnesota Department of Human Rights announced Wednesday that CSL Plasma will no longer be able to discriminate against transgender or non-binary individuals who want to donate plasma in Minnesota. 

The announcement comes after a resolution to a lawsuit the MDHR filed against CSL Plasma for violating the human rights of transgender and non-binary individuals who were barred from donating plasma. 

The lawsuit requires CSL Plasma to:

  • Ensure no employee refuses a potential donor because of their gender identity.
  • Allow donors to self-identify their gender.
  • Provide LGBTQ+ equity training to employees.
  • Submit reports to MDHR documenting the reason for deferring any donor whose gender identity differs from their assigned sex at birth and/or gender marker on personal identification documents.

The court will have the power to levy penalties against CSL once the Hennepin County District Court approves the agreement.