Cottonwood River near Springfield, Minn. approaching record high water level

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After heavy rains moved through Springfield, Minn., the Cottonwood River is expected to break a record high water level set in 2010. Photo Courtesy: Christine Grannes

The Cottonwood River near Springfield, Minn. is approaching a record high water level, according to the National Weather Service and Brown County Sheriff's Office officials. This comes after heavy rains moved through the area.

As of 4:30 p.m., NWS reported a level of 32.69 feet on the river west of the County Road 2 bridge in Springfield. The river reached record high levels in September of 2010 when it measured 32.9 feet. NWS officials believe the river will break the record when it crests around noon Thursday at an estimated 34.7 feet.

Brown County authorities evacuated the River Bluff Apartments located on Riverside Drive, which runs along the Cottonwood River. Displaced residents will be staying with family or receiving help from the American Red Cross.

Officials say they will not be sandbagging the area.

There are no injuries, but the amount of damage is not yet known.