Coon Rapids student brings unloaded gun to class: Police

The Coon Rapids Police Department said a middle school student brought an unloaded gun to class on Monday. 

Police said Anoka-Hennepin School District staff and the police department received a tip about a student at Coon Rapids Middle School bringing a gun to class. Within minutes authorities found the firearm inside the student's backpack.

The firearm was not loaded, and the student did not have any ammunition. 

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The student was removed from the school and taken into police custody. Police said the gun belonged to the student's parents, and it was kept in a locked safe with the key in a separate location. 

"I want to thank those who provided information so we could take action to ensure safety. We also ask parents to use this opportunity to talk with your children about the seriousness of bringing weapons to school and the importance of reporting information to school staff regarding any concern for school safety," principal DeMann Seals said in a letter to families.  

The principal added the school remained in session during the incident, and learning continued without interruption.