Concern over children injured in Minneapolis park crash

After the suspected driver in the crash at Minneapolis’ Bohanon Park had his first court appearance Thursday, the Peltier family released a family photo to Fox 9, providing a first glimpse of the three small children impacted by the crash.

The picture shows Nicolle and Kyle Peltier with their seven children. On Nicolle's lap is two-year-old Kayden. He was hurt the worst when 27-year-old Kabaar Powell plowed into the park Monday in an SUV after leading State Patrol on a chase. Kayden was completely run over, suffered pelvic and spine fractures, plus had to have his spleen removed.

It all happened while Kayden and his six siblings played on the basketball court with their dad, Kyle. Also, seriously injured is four-year-old Lillie, who's behind her mom in the photo. Lillie was partially run over and sustained life-threatening injuries, including brain bleeding.

Meanwhile, three-year-old Konner, on Nicolle's left, was less seriously hurt.

Thursday inside Bohanon Park, Fox 9 found Cordelia Henderson at the park with her grandchildren. She says she just can’t shake the news.

“When I came today I was constantly looking around, every time I seen a car, I was looking around,” said Henderson.

Powell refused to pull over on I-94 at 43rd Street and then led troopers on a six-minute chase through mostly residential streets, blowing through 22 stops signs in the process. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman has criticized State Patrol for not calling the chase off sooner.

“I think it just could’ve been avoided,” said Henderson.

After Powell’s first court appearance, he remains in custody, facing two felony and three gross misdemeanor charges.

In the meantime, the community hopes for a strong recovery for the Peltier children.

“Just keep the faith and don’t let this stop you from wanting to get out and enjoy your family,” said Henderson.

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