Closer look at the property where Jayme Closs was held captive

Over the past several days, a lot of attention has been on the town of Gordon, Wisc. where Jayme Closs was found after 88 days missing.

The town, about 70 miles north of Barron, is where Jake Patterson allegedly held Closs captive at a home.

For the first time Sunday, the public gained a closer look at the property that is well hidden behind a thick curtain of trees in western Wisconsin.

The property is where Closs spent some, if not all of her captivity. It’s also the home in which Patterson grew up.

“You see the dad go in and out on weekends primarily is when you see him and the kids,” said a neighbor. “I don’t know much about them besides being warned about them being troublemakers.”

Neighbors say the Patterson boys terrorized the neighborhood by breaking into cabins while they were empty in the winter.

Property records show their father, Patrick Patterson, was the owner of the home until days after Closs’ abduction, when it became property of the bank.

“If the dad was coming around, he would have had to have known the girl was there,” a neighor added.

12 miles from the house, in the small town of Gordon, people don’t know much about Patterson, but those who went to high school with him describe him with one word: quiet.

“He was just really quiet whenever I’d see him in the hallways and stuff,” said Hannah Kroeze, a former classmate of Patterson’s. “I didn’t think he could ever do anything like this. It just seemed so unreal that he did that.”

Closs told the people that helped her after she escaped that Patterson would hide her when people came over.

Where exactly on the property Closs spent most of her days, we may never know.