Cleanup underway in Red Wing after severe storm

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Cleanup is underway in Red Wing, Minn. where a severe storm left sporadic damage throughout the area.

For Adam Wachholz, his townhome took a beating. 

“That’s just tarp covering where the roof came off,” said Wachholz.

A huge hole in the roof is the result of a few minutes of fury from a storm.

“A little scary and then it just kinda sounded like a train high winds and everything,” said Wachholz. 

As soon as the roof was ripped off, water started pouring in. Despite some quick cleanup, Wachholz says the inside will have to be gutted.

Throughout Red Wing boats took on branches, cars were crushed and tree after tree were uprooted or sliced by the storm. 

At Red Wing Regional Airport, several buildings had rooftops mangled and a building under construction, collapsed.

“We all ran down in the center of the building in one of the rest rooms and it didn’t last very long and probably a couple of minutes,” said Wes Converse, the vice president of flight operations at the airport. “We heard the big boom we heard the building go down from inside.”

A couple of planes will need repairs as will the buildings they were in. As for the one that collapsed, crews are still assessing the damage. Converse says he’s not sure what’s next.

Police say no one was hurt.