City of St. Paul to replow residential streets

Some side streets near the University of St Thomas in St. Paul are down to one lane of traffic because of all the snow.

So city plows will be out again in full force two weeks after our last big storm.

"I'm happy. I'm happy and I'm willing to be off the street and have it be done right," said Amy Henricks who lives in the neighborhood.

Public works officials say crews will be replowing all residential streets in St Paul over the next four days to make sure residents have enough on street parking and emergency crews can get through.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, residents will be asked to move their cars from specific sides of east/west streets, while on Thursday and Friday, they'll be asked to do the same on north/south streets.

The City of St. Paul is working to clear up some slushy side streets this week. (FOX 9)

"This is the first time we've done it. Part of what we are trying to avoid is if the snow continues like it has so far, is to have a residential parking ban where we ban parking on one side of the streets.

That's our most extreme effort," said Sean Kershaw, Director of Public Works for the City of St. Paul.

Public works officials say they are stopping short of declaring a snow emergency, but cars that have been parked for more than 48 hours could be ticketed and towed.

"We're really going to focus on areas where we've noticed abandoned cars and cars that haven't moved since the last big snowstorm," said Kershaw.

Residents hope clearing streets from curb to curb will mean safer streets for the rest of the winter.

"I'm really glad they are doing it and I hope they do it more periodically. That it's not a one time deal. That maybe they'll do it when they need to again," said Hendricks.

For more information on where to park and when, click here.

Plowing schedule (between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. each day)

  • Tuesday, January 17 — North side (odd-numbered side) of east-west residential streets
  • Wednesday, January 18 — South side (even-numbered side) of east-west residential streets
  • Thursday, January 19 — East side (even-numbered side) of north-south residential streets
  • Friday, January 20 — West side (odd-numbered side) of north-south residential streets