Chilling decor: West St. Paul neighborhood braces for frosty Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, one block on Sperl Street in West St. Paul is decked out with skeletons for the holiday.

But with the change in weather, it feels like Mother Nature may have a bone to pick with Minnesota.

"It's definitely getting closer to November, so it feels more like Halloween now," said Jim Noggle, who lives on the street.

A neighbor put a skeleton crew in their front yard to decorate for Halloween a few years ago and since then, almost everyone on the block has joined the fun.

But with colder temperatures, and maybe even snow in the forecast, trick-or-treaters will mostly likely have a front row seat to winter-like weather.

"I do like the prospect of a cold Halloween though. I was one of those blizzard of 1991 children. So let them walk and get the candy like we used to," said Sarah Knoolhuizen, who lives a few doors down.

Even though the seeds have been planted for weather whiplash, not everyone is ready to get caught in winter's web quite yet.

"Considering it was 60 some degrees yesterday and all of a sudden it's 20 some degrees colder today. It's going to lead to some whiplash yes. I can feel it in my neck," said Tom Moldenhauer, who walks his dogs by the skeleton displays every day. 

"Never. Although I was just in Alaska, and it was a little cooler up there when I was there. That got me a little bit ready but never completely ready in Minnesota, I don't think," said Moldenhauer.

But come rain or shine, the seasons are changing, no bones about it.

"I'm never ready for snow. My theory is if it's 70 degrees up until December 22, then it snows for a week until New Year's and then goes back to 70 degrees, I'd be fine," said Noggle.