Chickens rule the roost behind the scenes of FOX 9 story

When doing a news story about chickens, you better expect them to rule the roost.

While doing a report on the increase in urban farming in the Twin Cities amid the COVID-19 pandemic, FOX 9 reporter Leah Beno and photojournalist Melissa Martz made some new feathered friends. However, the footage that didn't make it on air made it a memorable day for the FOX 9 news crew.

While shooting video at a home in northeast Minneapolis, one of the owner's chickens decided Martz's camera would make an excellent perch.

"I'm going to get her off there before she poops," said Missy Dodge, the owner.

That cleaning bill would have been hard to explain.

Later, Beno held a chicken to shoot a tease segment for her story, but after one take the bird decided that was enough camera time. The bird spread its wings and scuttled out of Beno's grip and onto her wrist.

"I feel like now I'm holding her like an owl and this is not appropriate," said Beno amid laughter. "How do I get you down safely?"

Immediately, the bird glided to the ground and headed back to the hen house.

"Alright, we'll go with that one take," said Beno.

While some feathers may have gotten ruffled, Beno and Martz enjoyed their fowl encounter.