Charges: Teen to be tried as adult in Cedar Riverside murder

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A judge ordered a 17-year-old boy to be tried as an adult in a murder that happened in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis in September, according to the criminal complaint.

Shire Awais Basal of Minneapolis has been charged with second-degree murder of 32-year-old Liban Abduhlahi. On Monday, he was ordered to stand trial as an adult. Basal was 16 years old at the time of the incident.

According to the charges, Basal initially denied being involved in the fatal shooting, but later admitted it to investigators. He told police he knew Abduhlahi and they had gotten into a fight a month before the incident.

On Sept. 7, Basal was making a rap video with friends in the parking lot behind the Lucky Dragon Restaurant on Riverside Avenue. Abduhlahi drove to the area and parked near Basal, who then ran over to the Abduhlahi's vehicle and fired multiple gunshots at him. Basal then ran away, and Abduhlahi died at the scene.

Surveillance cameras captured the incident on video.

A witness later told police Basal was the shooting suspect. In an interview with investigators, the witness said he was leaving the parking lot when he heard the shots go off. A few blocks away, Basal asked him for a ride. After getting in the car, Basal told the witness he just shot someone. The witness then told Basal to get out of his car. 

Basal told police after he got out of the witness' car, he got rid of the gun in the Mississippi River.

Basal is not in custody. His first appearance is scheduled Wednesday.