Cause 'undetermined' for N. Minneapolis fire that killed 3 children

Investigators said on Wednesday the cause remains "undetermined" for a north Minneapolis house fire that killed 3 children on Saturday night. Officials label it that way "when cause cannot be proven to an acceptable level of certainty."

Community members held a vigil Tuesday night for 6-year-old Latorious, 5-year-old Latora and 1-year-old Latorianna at Holsey Memorial Church. Fire officials initially determined the fire started in the kitchen, where the oven was apparently being used for heat.

Minneapolis fire officials released the following information on Wednesday:

"According to the Minneapolis Arson Unit, the cause of the fire at 2755 Penn Ave N. is undetermined. Undetermined is defined as 'when cause cannot be proven to an acceptable level of certainty.' Although the fire cause is undetermined it remains under investigation, which is standard with this determination."

Records show the house passed an inspection in January 2015, but many are questioning the landlord for boarded up windows and lack of heat. Others also question whether there were any adults in the house at the time of the fire.