Broken dam causes hiccup in Minnesota woman's journey to help flood victims

Photo credit Heidi Olson

A Minnesota woman's journey to help Nebraska flood victims hit a bump in the road Saturday.

Heidi Olson of Houston, Minn. was on her way to drop off supplies to farmers in need, stopping in South Dakota along the way. Olson posted to social media that she was supposed to meet someone in Murdo to drop off supplies, but a dam broke and the reservation flooded once again.

The area was evacuated, and the residents couldn't reach Olson.

Olson said her father’s farm has been flooded for the last two springs, so she understands the pain the farmers are going through.

“South Dakota, North Dakota has stepped up,” Olson said. “We need to step up to this, too, because if this happened to us, we’d want them to help.”

Olson wrote that as she continued her journey into Nebraska, she faced strong thunderstorms. If you’d like to help, contact her through her Facebook page