Boy Scouts leader accused of sex abuse at Williams Arena in 1980s

A former Minnesota Boy Scout is suing the Boy Scouts of America and its local chapter, the Northern Star Council, for the alleged sexual abuse he suffered from a Scout leader during scouting events at the University of Minnesota's Williams Arena in the 1980s, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Ramsey County District Court. 

The lawsuit says the alleged abuse took place while the victim, now 47, was participating in the usher program during Gopher basketball games at Williams Arena. The scout leader in charge of the program reportedly raped the victim in a locked back room of the arena more than a dozen times between 1980 and 1981.

According to the complaint, the victim was a member of Troop 58, which was sponsored by the Battle Creek Elementary School in St. Paul.

There are believed to be other victims who were sexually abused during scouting events at the Williams Arena, Lee James, one of the attorneys for the case, said in a statement.

The lawsuit claims the Boy Scouts organization is responsible because the organization had known for years that scout leaders were abusing boys. 

The Northern Star Council released a statement Wednesday in response to the recent civil lawsuits that have been filed against the organization. The organization said they are working hard to protect the children in their program and are constantly strengthening their screening system for volunteers.

“Scouting was and is one of the safest places for children in our community,” the Northern Star Council said in the statement. 

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