Boy remains in coma after falling from cliff in Taylors Falls

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An eight-year-old boy, who was severely injured after falling 15 feet from a cliff in Taylors Falls, remains in an induced coma at Twin Cities hospital.

Family members had hoped Jacari would be woken up on Wednesday, but doctors told them Jacari wasn’t ready yet. 

“It’s hard talking to him and telling him that I love him and him not - it’s hard not hearing him say it back,” said Tatiana Thompson, Jacari’s mother.

It was last Thursday that Jacari, his uncle and cousin were hiking through the very rocky Interstate Park in Taylors Falls. While walking near Angle Rock, Jacari fell about fifteen feet to the rocks and water below. He has a severely broken jaw and many other injuries.

“He does have some fractures around his eye socket on his left side, he did have a concussion, and then he has a fracture to his pelvis on the left side and then and he has a small fracture on his T1T2,” said Tatiana.

Rescued by boat and flown to the hospital, Tatiana arrived to find her son already in an induced coma. Wearing her Team Jacari bracelet, she hasn’t left his bedside.

“I want him to wake up I want him to have his eyes open,” said Tatiana. “I want him to talk to me. I want him to tell me he’s in pain, yes you’re in pain, but at least you’re talking to me.”

Interstate Park is incredibly popular for hiking, but with the number of cliffs, drop offs, the slick rock and uneven trails, Tatiana is hoping for possibly more railings, or more education about the dangers. She hopes something can be done to prevent another family from going through the same pain she’s living right now.

“It’s a pain that I don’t want anybody to ever feel,” said Tatiana. “’Cause you don’t know what the next hour could be. You don’t know what the next day could be. So. it’s hard it’s really hard looking at him that.”

Overall, Jacari’s prognosis is good, but there is a long road to recovery. His parents will be out of work for some time while their son goes through rehab and learns to walk again. For GoFundMe information, click here.