Bloomington teachers learn pickleball, add sport to curriculum for students

It's the fastest sport in the country and pickleball's popularity is showing no signs of slowing down.

On Wednesday morning, the sport made its way into the gymnasium at Oak Grove Middle School in Bloomington.

"We are trying to bring what's current into our schools for our students and our teachers," Bloomington Public Schools' Marcie Coval told FOX 9.

During MEA week, physical education teachers from across the district got to pick up a paddle themselves and learn the rules of the sport and how to play from Lifetime's pickleball pros.

Jennie Berglund has been a P.E. teacher for more than 20 years and says pickleball has the power to teach her students about more than just movement.

"Relax, breathe, you don't need a lot of power... [those are] things we are trying to teach these kids to do anyways," said Berglund.

Incorporating the sport into her curriculum will not only teach her kids how to play the sport now, but for the rest of their lives.

"Being able to pick up a pickleball paddle and a ball and heading out to a court in your neighborhood is something you can do forever," said Berglund.

Pickleball also translates perfectly to an adaptive sport, meaning every student can join in on the fun.

Berglund also adds pickleball is the perfect sport for Minnesota students since it can be played both outdoors and indoors.