Becker Schools to close Thursday due to Northern Metals fire

The Superintendent of Becker Schools announced that the school district will close all its schools Thursday due to the Northern Metals Recycling fire. 

Superintendent Jeremy Schmidt said expected changes in wind direction and information from firefighting and pollution control agencies led to the decision. 

All school activities will be closed Thursday and district personnel will also have limited access to the building. 

"At this time there is no current threat to the school buildings and this decision will allow school district administration an opportunity to make decisions about other potential school district impacts without placing students and staff in a possibel harmful or uncomfortable situation," the district said in a release. 

The district also urged families to follow Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and Minnesota Department of Health recommendations to seek advice from medical professionals and to shelter in place or move away from the source of the smoke for people near the fire. 

"In an effort to provide families with an opportunity to meet their needs, it was decided to announce this earlier and be proactive rather than waiting until Thursday morning and being reactive," the district added.