‘Back to school' advice from Iowa senior citizens goes viral

Fueled by the excitement of a new school year, social media feeds can lately be found flooded with “back to school” photos shared by proud parents.

In one popular trend, youngsters hold creative fill-in-the-blank boards detailing facts like name, age, graduating class and more, making for an annual photo op tradition that will surely be cherished for years to come.

With that inspiration, reps for Garden View Assisted Living in Carroll, Iowa, took to Facebook last Friday to share a sweet series of portraits of their residents, all in their 80s and 90s flaunting personalized “back to school” boards of their own.

In the images, a sweet group of folks including Gladys, 86, Arnie, 81, Marie, 97, Loretta, 94 and three-quarters and Jim, who elusively describes his age as simply “young at heart,” smile as they show off boards detailing what year they finished school, and their honest advice for students today.

The residents, many who graduated in the 1940s and 50s, encouraged the youth of today to always “do your best” and “pay attention to your teachers.”

"Get as much out of school as you can; it will be very handy later!" resident Helen, 87, said.

“Read a lot and enjoy your time!” Jim, 89, agreed.

In the days since, Garden View’s adorable photoshoot has since gone viral with over 41,000 shares, plus thousands of likes and positive comments.

“This is wonderful! I am a teacher, and I have saved your post to show to my students,” one Facebook user wrote.

“We have so much to learn from generations that come before us,” another echoed.

“Must be such a great place to retire! They all seem so happy and healthy,” one said.

“What an amazing post! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with all of us,” another declared. “We all keep learning no matter how old we are.”

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