Back on the road, Animal Humane Society team returns with 40 dogs seeking homes

An Animal Humane Society team brought back 40 dogs from Oklahoma as more Minnesotans seek to adopt.

After being sidelined by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Animal Humane Society's transport team is back in action.

A combined 40 dogs and puppies arrived at the Golden Valley animal shelter Monday morning as the demand for dogs has grown.

In late March, concerns over COVID-19 forced the shelter to temporarily put the breaks on transport rescues. But now, the organization’s rescue transport team is back on the road, this time returning from Oklahoma.

“We’ve been joking that we’ve been the ‘feline humane society’ lately because we have so many cats and so few dogs,” said Aaron Guggemos, Director of Strategic Projects for AHS. “It’s been tough here in the cities where there are a lot of people who want to adopt dogs and we have not had that many over the past few months.”

About half of the 40 dogs that arrived Monday are puppies.

“There’s a big wait list for not that many animals, so bringing in these first few is a big deal for us,” Guggemos said.

After going through a quick exam that includes vaccinations and deworming, the playful pups are now possibly days away from finding their forever home.

“I think that some of these animals might be showing up on the website available for adoption within the next two days and some of them, it might be a while depending on what they need,” he said.

AHS officials say that they are also receiving cats and dogs from other states overpopulated by pets. The AHS is currently closed to the public, but anyone looking to adopt a pet can do so virtually.