Augsburg University students appealing eviction from campus housing

A residence hall on the Minneapolis campus of Augsburg University.

Two Augsburg University students say they have been evicted from their campus housing after unintentionally violating the tightened restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The students say they unknowingly violated the no-guest policy when a friend dropped off groceries to their hall. Now, they have no other housing options and hope the school allows them to stay put.

Latyvia Oliver and Muna Galbayte are roommates who were permitted to stay in their residence hall because they met certain criteria the school offered to students who had unstable housing options.

During a meeting last month, the administration told the students they had violated the policy and had 24 hours to pack their things and leave.

With nowhere to go and afraid for their health, the freshmen pleaded with school leaders to allow them to stay in their residence hall. They accused the school of violating the moratorium on evictions during this stay-at-home order saying, in part, “If we are removed from campus, you are not only putting our physical safety at risk, but our mental health as well.”

These two Augsburg University students say they were evicted from their campus housing during the Governor's stay-at-home order.

While Augsburg says they can’t comment on specific student situations, they do say they’re trying to accommodate about 200 students who are still on campus.

The school has implemented strict social distancing and no-visitor policies to keep everyone healthy, which includes mandating that people wear masks.

“Bringing new people on campus and allowing people between residence halls would certainly make it more likely for COVID-19 to be a factor so we really encourage students not to bring guests on campus and, so far, our policy has been successful,” said a University spokesperson.

The students have filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office and retained an attorney. For now, they are allowed to stay on campus until they appeal the eviction.