Anti-police graffiti shows up in Lakeville

Lakeville police are trying to track down the taggers who have been leaving unflattering comments towards police on property around the city.

A few days ago, neighbors noticed some obscene graffiti disparaging police near upper 205th Street and Jaguar Avenue. Lakeville police said there have been a handful of similar tags on roads and railcars in the same area over the last two weeks.

"This is something we don't typically see in Lakeville,” Chief Jeff Long said. “Don't have a lot of tagging graffiti, especially the graphic nature. It wasn't just the f the police. it was the graphic nature of the sexual innuendo people don't need to read. It makes them uncomfortable."

Lakeville police posted a picture of the apparent culprits leaving the scene of one of their crimes earlier this week and not only got a bunch of tips that could identify the two teens, but received a surprising show of support as well.

"In today's climate with police, people love us, they hate us, so it was heartwarming to see the comments on Facebook saying ‘we support you, we hope you catch them. anything we can do to help’,” Long said.

Since police put up the picture, the spray-painting has stopped. However, neighbors believe the tagging would have ended with the end of summer anyways.

Long does not believe the graffiti is connected to the current wave of anti-police sentiment around the country.

If they taggers are caught, they could be charged with damage to property, which would be a misdemeanor.